MANHATTAN (KSNT)– Tri Delta sororities nationwide pledge to raise money for St. Jude, but as of recently, they hit a major milestone.

Chapters across the country made what was supposed to be a ten-year commitment to raising $60 million for St. Jude. But recently, two years before the ten-year goal, the sorority hit the goal of $60 million.

27 News sat down with members of Tri Delta to speak with them about their efforts to fundraise for St. Jude, as well as their reaction to hitting their national goal early.

“Hitting it just two years early, I mean I think that goes to show how much drive Tri Deltas have nationally, and how much passion we have for this organization,” said Elizabeth Sutton, a member of the Tri Delta chapter at K-State. “It is truly so magical to be able to hit that and I’m excited for the next school year to see what we can do because there’s always that drive to keep pushing.”

The K-State Tri Delta chapter’s individual goal was to raise $80 thousand this school year for St. Jude. As of right now, they have raised nearly $70 thousand and still have plenty of time to get there. They say with the help and commitment of not only the sorority, but the community, they have been able to get so far with their campaigns.