TOPEKA (KSNT) — Briley Wylie, a 7-year-old girl from Topeka, was born with a rare bone disease in her leg called Posteromedial Bowing of the Tibia. Briley and her family have been preparing for the day she would need surgery to lengthen her bone since birth.

Her legs were uneven from the condition which caused challenges while walking without a shoe lift. After undergoing the surgery in St. Louis, Briley is on the road to recovery back in Topeka.

“It was a very rough time,” Briley Wylie said.

During her two and a half weeks in St. Louis, they lengthened the bone in her leg and an external fixator was put into her bone to hold it in place while she recovers.

“When we first started here in Topeka, to them getting us to St. Louis, everything has been amazing. The doctors, nurses everybody,” Drake Wylie, Briley’s father, said.

Each day her parents see tremendous progress through physical therapy with Stormont Vail Health and on her own.

“It’s very hard,” Briley said. “It does hurt a lot, but after I’m all done with it it’s better.”

Briley is recovering step by step for a life-changing outcome. She is most excited about returning to the softball field with her friends. Briley is expected to fully recover by mid-September, but her parents said at the pace she is going she could be recovered by August.