RILEY COUNTY (KSNT) – After a team’s preliminary investigation into the severe weather damage, Riley County is estimated to have $9.7 million in damage as of Sunday night.

The Riley County Appraiser’s Office and Manhattan Fire Department’s Risk Reduction Division assessed 41 residential and business properties on June 11, as a result of the storms on Saturday. Three homes were completely destroyed and 20 received major damage. The value of the total properties surveyed was $26.8 million.

Riley County issued a disaster declaration on June 11, 2022 due to the severity of this weather event.

Public Works is still working to remove storm debris from the roadways and heavy equipment is being used to push debris to the sides of roads to allow traffic to flow smoother. County and city crews will continue working throughout the week.

“As you’re cleaning up your property, be aware that nails and other sharp objects are likely present with roof debris and dangling overhead branches could pose a serious danger. Wear protective gear such as gloves, hard-soled shoes, hardhat or helmet, and eye protection. If you don’t feel comfortable performing the work yourself, hire a professional,” Russel Stukey, Riley County Emergency Management Director, said.

The Riley County Transfer Station is accepting tree limbs and other plant-based debris. The hours to drop-off are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The transfer station will not accept structural debris. Contact your trash hauler for more information on disposing of building materials.