94-year-old woman’s simple secret to a long life

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At 94 years old Marty Edwards is still perfecting the talent she learned when she was a kid. 

“I can remember singing when I was four, my mom taught me,” Edwards said.

In the last 90 years she’s used her ability to sing to help her get a job in Topeka as music teacher, she made sure to always tell her students everybody can sing.

“Some are better than others, but everybody can sing,” she said.

Edwards claims she retired from teaching years ago, but she never really did. Even at 94 she continues to teach, only this time her students are around her age.

On Saturdays she draws a crowd to the lobby of her senior living facility when she hosts sing-a-longs for the residents at her senior living facility. 

For Edwards to be six years shy of a 100, she’s sharp, and she can still remember things from when she was a child.

Impressive given how so many people around her age struggle with their memory.

It’s almost like every time Edwards sings she takes a drink from the fountain of youth.

When we asked her during the interview if she thought singing is what kept her young all these years, she replied, “Probably, something has!”

Just imagine if after all these years scientist have searched for a magic pill, when all we really needed to do to beat aging was sing.

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