A look at the newest trend among Chiefs Kingdom: The touchdown chain

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When the turnover chain was introduced by the Miami Hurricanes last year, it took college football by storm, inspiring many other teams to come up with versions of their own.

Shawn Larson is a Topeka native who grew up loving the Chiefs. 

When his brother brought him a Chiefs chain he got from the store, he realized it resembled Miami’s turnover chain. 

He loved it, but there was just one problem — the team isn’t really known for their defense, but rather their offense. 

That’s when Larson says the touchdown chain was born. 

Every game day, the chain gang is out in full force, wearing their touchdown chains with pride.

Even Larson’s dog Harvey gets in on the action.

“We’ve been doing it since week one pretty much, and then kept rolling with it,” said Larson. “Our chain gang grew from about three and now, we’re probably over 30 or 40.”

The emergence of the touchdown chain seems to match the team’s growing popularity, which took the gang by surprise.

“I didn’t think people would jump on it like they did, so I thought it was awesome,” said Chain Gang member Connor Janes. “We had like 30 people the first game say they wanted some. So, Shawn two days later had 30 more chains ready to go. So, it was really cool.”

The chains have certainly been out a lot this season, with quarterback Patrick Mahomes throwing 50 touchdowns.

In all his years of being a Chiefs fan, Larson said he’s never experienced a season quite like this one.

“It feels different,” said Larson. “We’ve had stretches where we’ve been able to win games and that, but this team is just different. The energy in that stadium, it’s just all about the buzz.”

Aside from being a symbol of their super fandom, the chain represents the gang’s comradery.

“It’s a heavy responsibility when you wear the chain,” said Janes. “So, when we get a bunch of people together, it’s like a big family and it gets the whole crowd going. I would love for everyone to have a touchdown chain.” 

Larson said even one of the chiefs players has asked for a touchdown chain. 

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