WAMEGO (KSNT) – An abandoned puppy has a new home after being saved on the highway near Wamego on Saturday.

Coleman Electric employees were traveling to Manhattan when they noticed a puppy in the back of a car hauler. Matt Mcmillan and Steve McLean worked to flag down the double-decker car hauler with help from motorists. When they got the vehicle to stop, they rescued the puppy.

After the rescue, Mcmillan took the puppy to their job site and took care of her. The puppy, now named Karmel, is a 4-month-old retriever lab mix.

“Once we found her, she’s the sweetest dog, so she just lays there by your feet,” Mcmillan said. “The previous two days she pretty much just slept, so I think she had to catch up and get some strength back.”

Mcmillan, who had recently lost a dog of his own, knew he could not live without her.

On Tuesday, Mcmillan took the puppy to be scanned for a chip. When they reached out to the original owners, they said they did not want her back. The puppy was originally adopted from a Manhattan shelter.