After 12 years, Topeka’s ‘Halloween House’ is decorated for last time after multiple vandalisms

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Hundreds of trick-or-treaters flock to what is now known as the ‘Halloween House’ in Southeast Topeka to see it’s spooky decorations, lights and just about everything in-between. However, after multiple vandalisms, this is the final year the community will get to experience it.

Steven Reed, the owner of the house, has always adored Halloween. However, 12 years ago, a specific mask gave him an idea.

“‘Hey, why don’t I just make a little frame, a little skeleton frame and put a costume over it and hang it out in the yard and see what happens?'” Reed said. “It just grew from there.”

One mask eventually turned into hundreds of homemade decorations. So many that Reed’s home has become known as the Halloween House to the Topeka community, and every Halloween hundreds of trick-or-treaters gather all of their courage to walk up his steps.

“They overcome their fear of the Halloween decorations to come to the front door to get a reward,” Reed said. “That’s why I’ve been doing it for so many years.”

However, this year will be the last they will get a fright. Reed is packing up his decorations for good after having them ripped, smashed or even stolen for the third time.

“It’s sad but I just can’t risk this loss of my time every year,” Reed said.

Reed estimated a loss of about $800 just this year because of the vandalism.

“Just losing faith in humanity,” Reed said.

The only thing giving him hope in possibly being able to do this another year, is having his decorations returned.

“Whoever did this better bring my stuff back,” Reed said.

Reed always decorates for Christmas, but unfortunately will also not be doing that either.

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