TOPEKA (KSNT) — The Attorney General has informed both KU and K-State in a formal letter that they were in violation of a recent state law that was passed concerning the ability to opt-out of getting the vaccine because of religious exemptions.

According to the letter, both universities used “intrusive written application materials when evaluating an employee’s request for an exemption”.

When KSNT asked for a comment from the Attorney General’s office, they received a response that Schmidt would be unable to comment. K-State was also unable to provide a timely comment.

However, Dr. Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, a professor at KU, is also the Chapter Committee Chair of the Kansas Conference of the American Association of University Professors, was able to provide a comment. He said the number one priority at KU is the health and safety of its students.

“Whatever is possible, within the law and within the rule of our society to make a safe environment. And if that means getting vaccinated, then let’s do it!” said Barrett-Gonzalez.

If you want to learn more about K_State’s exemption policies, visit here. If you want to learn more about KU’s policies, visit here.