Animals rescued in Jefferson County on the road to recovery, finding forever homes

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VALLEY FALLS, Kan. (KSNT) — Dozens of rescued animals are on the road to recovery and are looking for forever homes.

In December, Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies found nearly 90 animals in a home just east of Perry Lake.

The living conditions were so bad, a warrant was issued for the owner’s arrest.

The deputies and volunteers with the Jefferson County Humane Society spent hours removing the animals.

They found multiple cats, rabbits, birds, and one pregnant dog. The dog and cats were taken in by the Jefferson County Humane Society, while the rabbits and birds were taken in by foster owners.

Nearly two and a half months later, the original owner of the animals signed a release, allowing them to be adopted.

Amber Dixon is the shelter manager at the Jefferson County Humane Society. She’s been working with the cats and pregnant dog, whose pups were born after the rescue.

“It’s a lot of just sitting with them and letting them come to you,” said Dixon.

While they were able to tend to most of the animal’s injuries, there was still work that needed to be done, but couldn’t.

“It’s tough to see it happen,” said Dixon. “I mean it’s one thing to see it on TV or on the news. But, to see it in person is a little bit different.”

Kip Elliot is the Humane Society’s board president. Since the rescue, he had been working with the owner to get her to sign the release.

“Because we are not the owners of the animals at that point, she had to release them to us,” said Elliot.

He eventually accomplished that, despite the owner still not turning herself in to authorities.

“Based on the information and amount of people inquiring, we would’ve had them ready to be adoptable much sooner,” said Elliot.

Even with a lot of help from people in and around the community, it took a toll on shelter.

“It’s cost us money, not only in time and staffing but, you know, supplies,” Elliot said.

Since being rescued, it’s not just the animals’ physical injuries that have needed healing.

“The trauma these animals have gone through is [bad] and that’s why we want to get them into good homes, to get the individual attention they need,” said Elliot.

Dixon believes with some love and patience, these animals can make a great addition to any home.

“Once they get into a home, they’re some of the best animals, very open to people,” said Dixon. “It’ll just take the right people to take them in and have the patience for them.”

The Humane Society is taking applications for the cats and dogs on their website and at the shelter.

Those interested in adopting the exotic birds and rabbits can email

Elliot said all of the “farm animals” that were rescued like the chickens, ducks and pigeons are not up for adoption, but instead have found forever homes already by people who took the animals into their lives.

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