Are people getting ready more for New Years’ than the winter weather?

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TOPEKA (KSNT)– People across Topeka and Northeast Kansas getting ready to ring in the New Year tonight, but don’t seem to be too concerned about the winter weather coming to the area.

Many people are out and about today going to the grocery store to gather supplies for their various celebrations. One man and his son traveling all the way from Louisville, Kentucky to meet with family, said they weren’t nervous at all about the weather tomorrow.

“We have a four-wheeler, and this isn’t our first rodeo,” said Eddie.

They weren’t the only people who felt this way. Greg Brown has lived in Topeka for one year. He says every grocery store he has visited today has been packed. But he says he doesn’t think people have anything to worry about.

“We will live,” said Brown. “We have a nice warm house so we should be good!”

But, meteorologists at KSNT are predicting anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of snow across the viewing area.
Gabriella Gomez says it’s probably best for people to stay off the roads though.

“And obviously we”ll get a little bit more for our Northern counties where they are already cooling down and will continue to do so heading into tomorrow morning,” said Gomez. “But that sleet will be the biggest contributor to those accidents we will probably be seeing tomorrow morning.”

Kansas AAA Spokesperson Shawn Steward agrees with Gomez, urging people to take caution if they decide to hit the road.

“Stay off the roads if you can, I mean if you do have to get out and drive, be extra safe and slow down. Leave extra time as you’re coming up to an intersection for example.”

Some people are hoping for a lot of snow though since the community missed out on a White Christmas this year. One local boy said he is excited to play with his family outside.

“I’m excited to throw snowballs at my brother,” said Willy. “And make a snowman!”

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