TOPEKA (KSNT) – A local church is helping members of the community get back on their feet.

Wonderful Works Deliverance Center in Central Topeka is providing housing for people needing a place to live.

The second chance housing program allows people experiencing homelessness in Topeka to work their way up to independent living. Residents in the program are required to attend group sessions and other event. the goal is for these residents to once again become active members of the community.

Wonderful Works bought out the block for second chance housing and other needs the community may have.

“I believe that if we can have someone that needs help, and we get them established, then they can move up to where they get independency, that’s what we’re talking about,” Lead Pastor Samuel Peters said. “That’s what we need here in the city of Topeka.”

The church offers over 30 programs, including afterschool clubs and community feeding. Wonderful Works is continuing to expand and provide essential resources to people in Topeka.

For more information on Wonderful Works and their services, click HERE.