TOPEKA (KSNT)- Elmont Elementary School is participating in National Bullying Prevention Month.

National Bullying Prevention Month coincides with Kansas’ Anti-Bullying Awareness Week, which was passed as a resolution by the Kansas Senate and the Kansas State Board of Education. During the first week of October, schools across the state observe the week.

“Nationally, it is recognized as Bullying Prevention Month, and I appreciate that the Kansas State Department of Education and the Kansas State Senate have decided to honor and recognize an anti-bullying awareness week, which is wonderful because that sets the stage for us to recognize the importance of learning about bullying and how to stop it for the entire month,” said Susana Ortiz, a school counselor at Elmont Elementary.

This week, students at Elmont Elementary will begin to learn about identifying and preventing bullying, as well as learning how to develop coping skills.

“I think that students appreciate that we visit the idea of bullying, because at this point all of them have either experienced it or witnessed it, and so, by covering what they can do to prevent it, and also making it a whole school initiative, we sort of support the idea of community,” Ortiz said.

The last week of the month is reserved for a spirit week, when students will celebrate their favorite heroes and the community.