Army Corp releases water at Lake Perry

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The Army Corp of Engineers at Perry Lake began to release water around 9 p.m. on Sunday night. 

Although Perry Lake is recreational, its first purpose is flood control.

The conservation pool is almost at 100 percent capacity. 

The team at the Army Corp of Engineers at Perry Lake waited for a call from their headquarters in Kansas City and then took action. 

“We’ll go out to our control tower we’ll sound a siren downstream which is standard process and then we’ll go into the tower and operate hydraulic gates that will actually raise gates and start releasing water,” said R.J. Harms, the Operations and Project Manager at Perry Lake. 

The flow starts slow and then is gradually increased. 

“We initially start with 1,000 cubic feet per second,” said Harms. “We anticipate over about three different gate movements to get up to nearing 10,000 cubic feet per second which will then to match closely what coming into the lake so that we can level the lake and keep it from going higher.” 

People started waiting for the release around 6 p.m.

Although the Corp doesn’t anticipate flooding from the release damaging anyone’s home, some prepared for the possibility of it. 

“We’ve been all day long taking stuff out putting it to higher elevation,” said Shane Maxwell. 

The release is expected to be finished by Wednesday. 

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