EMPORIA (KSNT) – After a bald eagle landed Thursday on a neighbor’s roof, an Emporia woman took action when she noticed it appeared hurt.

“It was definitely the social media news of Emporia last night,” Lisa Keith said, director at the David Traylor Zoo of Emporia.

(Courtesy photo/Amy Atkisson-Coffelt)

Amy Atkisson-Coffelt took to Facebook to ask for help for the bird, which she referred to as the national symbol of America. She called the Emporia Police Department and said officers showed up.

(Courtesy photo/Amy Atkisson-Coffelt)

Before long, the bird was off the roof and on the ground. Atkisson-Coffelt said workers from the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism came to save the bird, and a game warden eventually took the eagle away.

A representative for the KDWPT said the organization doesn’t think the eagle is hurt, but might be sick instead. Photos of the eagle on the roof and on the ground show the bird hanging its head, which the KDWPT said can be a sign.

Wildlife Disease Coordinator Shane Hesting told KSNT News about some other common signals to watch for that can indicate if a bird is ill.

“Those symptoms will be lethargy, listlessness, ruffled feathers, sudden death,” Hesting said. “Sometimes birds just get it and die within a day or two of getting it.”

One such disease, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, is spreading further in birds across Kansas, including in Sedgwick County near Emporia. However, KDWPT Major David Simonetti ruled the virus out as a cause for this eagle’s illness. He said initial data indicated eagles, which are a class of birds called raptors, aren’t being infected by the disease. However, health officials in Ohio said Thursday they discovered two bald eagles tested positive for the bird flu.

Any bird that is suspected of being infected with HPAI is put into quarantine to prevent spreading, according to the KDWPT.