TOPEKA (KSNT) – After a worrisome social media post, things are looking up for a beloved Topeka Zoo animal.

The Topeka Zoo posted to social media Tuesday that it’s monitoring the health of its 26-year-old llama ‘Gertie.’ She recently underwent surgery after zookeepers noticed swelling in her cheeks. To the zoo’s surprise, Gertie had multiple molar root fractures and needed teeth removed.

The social media post Tuesday was to keep Gertie’s fans in the loop, just in case.

“She is an older animal, and anytime you undergo anesthesia, it can affect you adversely,” said Topeka Zoo veterinarian Dr. Shirley Llizo. “When she recovered, she didn’t go back to eating normally right away, and we suspect she had a lot of pain.”

Gertie’s veterinarian said that her recovery is headed in the right direction. The zoo promises to keep the public up-to-date on her progress.