Big-rig safety: Semi-truck inspection enforcement to keep all drivers safe on the road

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If you’ve been seeing more semi trucks pulled over lately it’s because they’re going through an inspection blitz. 

Drivers share the road with thousands of semi trucks, so it is important for authorities to make sure truck drivers are following the rules of the road too. 

One of the most common violations are overweight, height and length, but Lieutenant John McMahan with the Kansas Highway Patrol, noted that there are many things KHP is looking for when inspecting the trucks. 

“We look at the company matrix, to make sure they aren’t under out of service, and they have proper operating authority,” McMahan said. “We also look at the driver to make sure the driver is fit. We want to prevent driver fatigue. We also look at the whole truck. There are critical inspection items that could put a truck out of service. We’re looking at the whole truck and at the condition that we find it. Not the condition that its in tomorrow or yesterday, but the condition we find it.”

There have been parts of trucks that fly off and hit other cars, which can injure a driver or passenger.

Lt. McMahan said he’s reported to an incident where a piece of the brake came off the truck and hit the drivers windshield and hit him in the shoulder. 

Chad Barnes is the director of Sunco Trucking and said the inspections are simply to get people to drive safer. He said the inspection blitz is a benefit to the industry.

“We want everyone to be safe, they’re checking the hours of service from the driver, proper equipment, and more,” Barnes said. 

Barnes said the inspections could put a delay on transporting the goods that are in the truck, but wherever the final destination may be, they know the inspections can happen and it really doesn’t delay much.

Lt. McMahan said the inspections can take anywhere from 30 minutes, to two hours depending on what they’re looking at. 

Overall, Barnes and Lr. McMahan said the inspections help keep the industry safe and working well.

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