TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — An area known as ‘tent city’ in Topeka, where several homeless people are known to live, is practically empty now as of Friday.

That’s because BNSF railroad, which owns part of the land where tent city is located, has been working all week to clear out the area. 

The City of Topeka received a grant to provide most of the homeless people who were living there with housing vouchers so they could relocate.

Spokesman for BNSF Andy Williams said there was also a lot of illegal dumping going on in the area as well.

By clearing the area, he said it benefits everyone involved.

“The railroad doesn’t have to worry about their employees coming onto property that could be a dangerous area for them,” said Williams. “It was also a public safety risk having the amount of homeless in the area, campers in the area.”

BNSF put up concrete barriers and gates to better secure the area. They will also have their own police officers patrolling the property as well.