JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) — If you’re looking for a way to remember your pet that passed away, Junction City has a brand new pet memorial near South Bark Dog Park.

Boy Scouts of America Troop 264 has been working on the project for several months now and they finally completed it over the weekend. However, the pet memorial would not have come to be without the hard work of one ambitious scout.

Hana Moeller, 16, has always had a love for animals, and she decided to put that passion toward giving back to the community. She and her fellow scouts teamed up with the Junction City Animal Shelter to bring the project to life. Now, through the completed pet cemetery, her hard work has finally paid off — brick by brick.

“A lot has gone into this project that we have done here,” Hana said. “It started by just writing down on pieces of paper the measurements, like materials and stuff, all the way down to the very last details, putting the bricks in.”

Hana and other members of Troop 264, which is an all-female group of scouts, spent several hours digging in the dirt and laying each individual brick at the memorial. The space consists of four plots that include a multitude of bricks for people to purchase. The idea is to have your pet’s name engraved on a brick and placed in the memorial as a way to remember them.

The project’s completion puts Hana one step closer to becoming the first Eagle Scout in her Troop. There’s still a review process and other technicalities that need to happen before it’s official, but her dad — who also doubles as her scout master — couldn’t be prouder.

“As a scout master, my first eagle scout, and she’s my daughter,” Walter Moeller said with tears in his eyes. Walter says it’s an emotional time for him, as Hana’s goals are finally playing out.

Not only is the memorial a key part of Hana’s journey as a scout, but it’s also a significant help to the Junction City Animal Shelter. It costs $30 to purchase a brick, and the proceeds go toward the shelter as donations.

“Our shelter is struggling,” Vanessa Gray, the shelter’s director, said. “We, just like every other shelter, [are] full of animals right now. We’re trying to find space, but the donations that we do get in regards to something like this definitely helps us push to get those dogs out.”

Vanessa’s been wanting something like this in Junction City since she started working with the shelter five years ago. She says she couldn’t have gotten it done without Hana’s help, but Hana says she’s not the only one who deserves credit.

“Very proud of all my scouts and the people who have volunteered to helping me out,” Hana said.

To purchase a brick you can visit the Junction City Animal Shelter’s website.