Brown v. Board historical site hosts 65th anniversary celebration

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Live music, food trucks, and vendors came out to the Brown v. Board 65th anniversary celebration in Topeka on Friday.

People got to enjoy the nice weather and comradery of one another while reflecting on the changes made by the decision.

“Well, it just means progression. It also means unity with different colors, people being able to go to school together, being able to play together, worship together. It just signifies everyone coming together in Topeka,” said Buttrfli Jones.

Linda Brown was at the center of the court case when she wanted to attend Topeka’s former Sumner School.

So much has changed in 65 years, yet Enimini Ekong, a spokesperson for the Brown v. Board historic site, says the works not over.

“As we go through anniversary to anniversary it’s a great opportunity for us to celebrate where we’ve come but also to continue to do the hard work and rather and hard work of figuring out how we can make life better,” said Ekong.

This event was just one part of an entire week-long celebration, marking a historic moment in Topeka history.

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