Burlington couple worried after repeated flooding in neighborhood

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Burlington couple worried after repeated flooding in neighborhood

A Burlington neighborhood is struggling to clean up and rebuild after repeated rain and flooding over the past few weeks. Glen and Katina Curten live in a neighborhood just west of the Rock Creek Country Club in Burlington. Their street has flooded twice in the past three weeks.

“There’s no night that rain comes through that I’m not concerned that we’re going to be in absolutely the same situation,” said Glen.

The Curtens have gutted what was a nearly finished basement. When their street flooded the first time last month, they ended up with flood waters up to the basement ceiling.

“Every day has been from morning til night constant clean up, trying to get our lives back to normal,” said Katina. “Our son and our dogs stayed at my parents for over a week because it just wasn’t good conditions for them to be in.”

The Curtens do not have flood insurance, but Glen says the flood waters didn’t actually “flood” into their basement. Instead, their sump pump was unable to deal with water coming up from the ground, so their normal homeowner’s insurance covered the damage.

Last week, flood waters crept up their street again. Glen says he’s been before the city council to see what can be done to Rock Creek to stop this from happening. For now, a lot of their belongings are staying in their front room and garage. He says it will stay that way until he’s sure this won’t happen again.

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