TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka and the Shawnee County Joint Economic Development Organization approved three new projects that are expected to pump millions of dollars into Topeka’s economy.

Go Topeka works to implement economic development strategies within the Topeka Area under the Greater Topeka Partnership. The newly approved incentive agreements will invest funds into the expansion of Topeka Foundry & Iron Works, Polo Custom Products, and Mainline Printing.

The incentive agreement made for Topeka Foundry & Iron Works, also known as “Project James,” aims to expand the Topeka-based machine and fabrication shop that has been in Topeka for over 150 years. With this agreement, the company’s expansion will result in an estimated $210,500,000 economic impact over the next 10 years.

They also approved aid to expand Polo Custom Products, a contract manufacturer that specializes in medical, fire and safety, industrial, government and defense markets. Over 10 years, the “Project Julia” expansion is estimated to result in a $61 million impact. Polo Custom Products is projected to make a $700,000 capital investment.

The third project, “Project Tree” will allow Mainline Printing to make an estimated $10 million capital investigation over the next five years. Mainline Printing specializes in family-owned printing and packaging. It will create 20 new full-time jobs and an estimated impact of $104 million over 10 years.