The Ninth Annual iCan Bike Camp is happening in Topeka this week.

Volunteers in the five-day program are teaching those with disabilities how to ride a bicycle. 

Participants start by riding a specialized bike with a training wheel on the back, rather than two conventional wheels. Later in the week, they will ride on a tandem bike with an instructor. The final goal is to get them riding by themselves on a conventional bicycle.

The Capper Foundation hosts the event each year. The foundation’s mission is to change how people view others with disabilities. 

Camp Director, Cris Teter, says learning to ride a bicycle is about opening opportunity. 

“I remember learning to ride a bike, even though it was a long time ago. How much fun it is, the freedom it gave me and just being able to be outside and interact with my friends,” said Teter.

The Capper Foundation is also hosting a similar iCan Swim Camp from July 15 – 19.

You can click here for information on signing up and volunteering for iCan Swim.