ALMA (KSNT) – A library in Wabaunsee County suffered a ceiling collapse last week, leaving staff with a large mess to clean up before library services can resume.

Judith Cremer is the Director of the Pottawatomie-Wabaunsee Regional Library. She oversees the Alma Library, which is located at 115 W. 3rd St. She says the ceiling collapsed last Friday, July 22, and damage continued to accumulate over the weekend.

Cremer says library roof itself is intact and no water damage is present. The original sheet rock ceiling collapsed, causing the drop ceiling below to come down. That’s when staff closed the library to the public. After that a larger section of the ceiling fell, and more pieces continued to fall over the weekend. No one was hurt.

Building contractors have secured the remaining portion of the ceiling. Volunteers, staff and contractors spent Tuesday moving the full material collection of the library to off-site storage. Shelving and other furniture still needs to be moved before repair work can continue.

“We hope to get things fixed, and have the PWRL Branch Library back up and running as quickly as possible,” Cremer said in a statement. “We are working on temporary plans for providing Library Service to this community, but we don’t quite have things in place yet. We have been very busy getting things secured, and we will hopefully have time now to do some planning for what comes next.”

The staff at the Alma Library asks patrons who have checked out materials from the library to hold onto them for the time being.