LAWRENCE (KSNT) – The City of Lawrence announced that changes have been made to a controversial homeless camp on Thursday.

The city announced via social media that two changes have been made to the homeless camp in North Lawrence. First, a fence has been added to provide both wind screening and visual screening from nearby businesses. Second, staff will be placed on-site to provide additional help to those staying at the camp.

This comes as members of the Lawrence community have raised concerns about the city-run homeless camp. Johnny’s Tavern recently announced that it would be closing until the city responded to concerns regarding the camp which is located directly behind the business.

The homeless camp has been called a temporary site by the City of Lawrence and is meant to provide life-sustaining resources to those experiencing homelessness. The site provides a safer location for homeless individuals to congregate instead of at city parks and public spaces, according to the City of Lawrence.

As we continue to develop sustainable solutions that ensure homelessness is a rare and brief experience, we will be transparent about our efforts. At this point we don’t have much more information to provide as our attention continues to be focused on stabilizing the current camp and standing up the Winter Emergency Shelter.

City of Lawrence

If you have any questions regarding the homeless camp in North Lawrence, click here.