AUBURN (KSNT) – Many Kansans are looking for ways to battle armyworms, which are wreaking havoc on lawns across the state. Instead of harsh chemicals and poisons, a Shawnee County farm is offering people a natural alternative.

Hidden Hill Farms of Kansas is located northeast of Auburn in Shawnee County. Owner Angela Dake doesn’t use chemicals on her land. Instead, she said she lets her animals do the work.

“My chickens take care of all that sort of thing,” Dake said. “Armyworms, mosquitos, ticks, fleas, all of that sort of irritating pest stuff that comes in the summertime.”

Dake is renting her chickens to people who are looking to get rid of armyworms. She said she’ll help people figure out how many chickens they’ll need based on how big the yard is and if they live in the city or the county.

People can rent six chickens plus fencing for $25 per week. Dake said people shouldn’t be intimidated by the chickens. She said they are easier than most people think.

“Basically if they have water and they’ve got the food, which is your armyworms, you might supplement with a little bit of chicken grains or scratch grains,” Dake said. “But if you feed them too much commercial feed then they are not going to eat your armyworms.”

To rent the chickens, people can contact Angela Dake at (785) 554-6310 or message her on the Hidden Hill Farms of Kansas Facebook Page.