TOPEKA (KSNT) – A local organization is seeing record interest for a program that aims to bring more people into the Capital City.

Greater Topeka Partnership (GTP) team members are wrapping up the third year of “Choose Topeka” in big way. GTP told 27 News around 140 individuals and families have moved to the community through that program so far. For the past week, they’ve seen quite the large influx in interest outside of the state, thanks to coverage by Telemundo in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. The Choose Topeka team has received hundreds of phone calls and thousands of emails from all over the world within the last week.

The incentive program has been around since 2019, but the recent boost in eyes has workers excited about bringing even more people from all over into the city.

“Topeka is a great community to raise a family,” Director of Equity and Business Development Israel Sanchez said. “I have three kids here. Seeing all the people who want to move here, people who are driving or flying from different states just to check out Topeka, see what we have to offer, I think it speaks to the nature of the city, the city that is growing, that is expanding, that has potential.” 

That potential is only growing, with the addition of two new incentives this year. One called Boomerang is bringing back those that moved away from Shawnee County, and a military incentive is bringing in veterans following their service ending.