TOPEKA (KSNT) — Santa Claus came early this year for 120 Topeka Public School students.

After being selected by counselors, these students were then allowed to shop until they drop at Kohl’s while being accompanied and helped by two volunteers from Advisors Excel.

Every year Advisors Excel helps students by donating money so that they are able to buy clothes they need for the upcoming winter season.

“I was kind of scared that things were not going to go right and that it was going to be a mess,” Ashton “Ash” Anderson, a student of Topeka Public Schools said. “But everything turned out okay. I got the things that I really liked and wanted.”

The Director of Community Engagement for Advisors Excel says it’s a joy to do this for the students, and that everyone involved really enjoys the event.

“There were smiles all around, smiles from the kids and from our AE volunteers and from the Topeka Public Schools staff that were here today,” Tracy Khounsavanh Killough said. “Everyone was so excited and it was just a fun way to spread the love today.”

There are 120 students selected in total, but only 20 of those students went shopping today. The rest will go shopping on Wednesday and Thursday of this week and next week.