TOPEKA (KSNT) – A local coffee shop is celebrating its grand opening.

Circle Coffee, located off of 17th Street in Topeka, is open to the community. Owners Jackie and David Vincent might be familiar faces to some as they used to be the owners of the Circle Coffee cart.

The cart would make its way around town and appear at various events during the year. It has been a big change, but the new restaurant owners are excited about the opportunity.

“We’ve been doing the coffee cart for a couple years and people have been kind of waiting for us open,” David said. “We’re just really encouraged by the turnout, like she was saying it’s really awesome to take something that we’ve been working on kind of alone for a long time and then introduce it to our community, it’s just been really special.”

Jackie and David are extremely grateful for the community support so far. They want to return the support by creating a welcoming place for all.