MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – The City of Manhattan is looking at installing warning signs in dangerous flood zones. The signs would read “When Flooded Turn Around Don’t Drown” and would be placed near Wildcat Creek.

Although there are floodplains across the city, Assistant Director for Community Development Chad Bunger said city leaders felt it was important to get the signs established near Wildcat Creek first.

“Wildcat Creek is pretty much untamed, meaning that we don’t have a whole lot of structures that hold it back or lessen its impact,” Bunger said. “We really have to be on our toes. Folks need to be aware where they are at near that creek.”

The “Turn Around Don’t Drown” warning signs were identified as a project in the Resilient
Wildcat Creek Floodplain Management Plan update. This was developed after the flooding in Manhattan on Labor Day 2018.

“At any given point when it rains and it rains hard you can be driving running errands or whatever and find yourself kind of in the middle of a flood,” Bunger said. “That’s the point of these signs in those events making sure people are aware of what can happen and make wise decisions.”

Bunger said city staff are still finalizing how many signs are needed and where they should be placed. He said they hope to have them installed in the next two months.

Once these signs are installed in the Wildcat Creek floodplain, Bunger said they plan to identify areas near the Kansas and Blue River as well.

The Manhattan City Commission is receiving an update on the project during its work session at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Click here to look at the agenda.

Bunger said this is not an ordinance the commission needs to vote on. The commission could decide to halt plans to install the signs, but Bunger said he doesn’t believe that will happen.