TOPEKA (KSNT) – The capital of Kansas celebrated 168 years of history on Monday.

The City of Topeka has gone through a lot of changes since 1854, going from a modest crossing point of the Kansas River along the Oregon Trail to the center of Kansas’ political, social and economic life. The city is home to seven unique historic districts which include 435 individual properties, according to the City of Topeka.

In celebration of the day, the City of Topeka government released several shots of historic areas in the city to show how they have changed over time:

Topeka was founded by Cyrus K. Holliday and a handful of friends who hoped that the Kansas territory would enter the Union and become a free state, according to the Kansas Historical Society. Holliday would go on to play a major part in the early history of Topeka, serving as the city mayor for several terms, donating land for the state capitol building and founding the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway.

“I am enduring almost every thing that is possible for a man to endure; yet notwithstanding this I enjoy it all well…This is certainly a most delightful country—I doubt whether even sunny and far famed Italy can favorably compare with this,” Holliday said shortly after the founding of Topeka.

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