TOPEKA (KSNT)- Shawnee County Commissioner Bill Riphahn joined the KSNT 27 News Morning show to speak about the latest details on numerous construction and renovation projects around the Top City.

First, he commented problematic stretch of Auburn Road.

“Washburn rural school district is going to be building a new junior high at 29th and Auburn Rd. so there is going to be an increase in traffic on those roads,” Riphahn said.

In order to combat this issue, they will be putting a round-a-bout at 29th and Auburn Rd. to slow traffic down, but still keep it moving at a steady pace.

“We are also looking at another round-a-bout that will be in front of the school on 29th St.,” Riphahn said. “As you can imagine, if you were trying to leave the school and make a left-hand turn going back towards Topeka it would be almost impossible. So, a round-a-bout will keep things flowing and working much better.”

Riphahn emphasized it’s also a safety concern, and they want to make sure cars are not “stacking up” in front of the school.

In relation to safety concerns elsewhere in the county, Commissioner Riphahn also commented on the 95 year-old Grove Township Bridge. He said the commissioners rate the bridges and inspect them every couple of years. When asked about this bridge, he said it’s “at the bottom of the list”.

He then added, “It needs to be taken out.”

The commissioner said they will be hosting a township meeting most likely in the first week of May regarding the future of the bridge. It will be an opportunity for anyone to come out and have their voices heard regarding the situation.

“We’ve reduced the load rating on that bridge to 7 tons,” he continued. “So, we no longer have firetrucks or school busses going over it.”

Commissioner Riphahn also provided some quicks points regarding the progress they have made in their work sessions so far this year, as well as the fun happening over at Ward-Meade Park and Old Prairie Town with Tulip Time.