Community conversation: local leader speaks out on racial tension

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Many people involved in the marches and rally’s going on right now say this is not just about George Floyd. This is about racism, fear, and the desire to see change. 

Feelings that are a part of their daily lives and their children’s lives. A lot of important conversations have been sparked from this, including right here in our community. 

Meet Shampayne Lloyd. 

“I’m a Topekan, African American, and a community advocate,” Lloyd said. 

Her resume is much longer though. She’s a mom, pastor, and volunteers as a chaplain at the Topeka Police Department. 

“Hello, Hello, Hello it’s your girl Shampayne. It’s Wednesday so you know what time it is, it’s time for Wednesdays word for women.” 

Don’t forget every Wednesday you can find her on Facebook sharing some positivity. Although, even through that smile and wisdom, there’s hurt. Along with a passion for systemic change. 

“At the end of the day, the fight is against police brutality and a system that is unjust.” 

Lloyd was there on Monday night when hundreds of people filled Evergy Plaza in Topeka peacefully protesting. 

“We are the future to create change,” a protester said on stage. 

“Regardless of what you think of protests, this generation is going to stand up. They won’t be silent and I was in a group of passion, it was love and justice,” Lloyd said.  

She said that’s one of the keys, to voice your message with grace. 

“We have a problem guys and if we just be honest and have a real conversation, some of the rage will go down. It is the unheard person who gets the rage, feeling like they keep being unheard and unheard, keep showing up and then being unheard so then it erupts.” 

While she fights and advocates or change, she’s also raising an African American son. Dvonte is 10 years old and has already had his share of racism. He’s been called names and had some scary encounters, but not with police officers. With other kids who don’t look like him.  

“It was the police department and it was the mayor that came daily, [to my house] making sure he was okay,” Lloyd said. “I have to teach him, how to be if you get stopped. I’m already having this conversation with him and he’s 10. What he says is, ‘I’m scared’ and he hasn’t even had bad experiences with the police department.” 

That’s why it’s her message, and her goal to help others be aware. 

“We can’t do this separately, were going to have to do it together. Learn, get informed and educated to help you stand with us better to fight this fight.” 

Through her experience being a chaplain at the police department, she said she serves as a two fold. She is able to give officers a different lens on things and vice versa. Being able to tell the community all the good our officers are doing. 

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