The search is on for a pet peacock named Kevin. Since his disappearance from his home in Meriden, the missing peacock is capturing the attention of an entire community. Now a whole Facebook group full of people is dedicated to bringing Kevin home. 

It’s a full backyard in the Wood family. Amanda Wood said Kevin has been their pet for around a year. One day she let him out of his pen to roam.

“He was fanning out, and I thought oh this is so cool. But maybe it wasn’t so cool now, because he was probably looking for a mate and doing the whole mating dance thing,” Wood said, “I went out front in the house to do some stuff, and I thought well heck he was still here two days ago, because I let him out in the morning and put him back in.” 

The next thing she knew, Kevin was gone. 

“I went trekking down in the pasture, and I heard him down in the trees down there and I saw footprints, and I was yelling Kevin, but he hasn’t been back since,” Wood said. 

She posted about Kevin’s disappearance in the Jefferson County Police Scanner Facebook group, and it quickly got a lot of attention. So much attention, that Madison Hite, thought Kevin deserved his own page. 

“So someone made a joke about it and I thought, why not let’s actually start it,” Hite said.  

Now Madison and the whole Wood family, including Amanda’s son Ashton, are hoping it helps bring Kevin home. 

“That he gets found and we get to have him back and just feed him again,” Ashton Wood said.  

“I hope it does because I know what it feels like to have a missing pet, so I know it kind of sucks for her,” Hite said.  

Amanda said there have been a lot of sightings, but so far no Kevin. 

“Maybe one of these times one of the sightings will be him, but hopefully he found a peahen, or somebody found him and is taking good care of him, I don’t know,” Wood said.  

If you think you spot Kevin, Amanda says the best place to send your tips is by messaging the Bring Kevin Home Facebook page