TOPEKA (KSNT) – A local comic book shop is set to close its doors after the tragic loss of its owner.

Ryan Rinehart loved comic books and anything to do with Star Wars and Marvel. After many years in technology jobs, he decided to open his own business: a comic book shop. Lunatix Comix opened up in November of 2019 just before the pandemic started in 2020.

A few months later Ryan’s wife, Stacy, found out she had heart failure. After having to quit her job, they were living off of one income and Ryan took up a second job outside the comic shop to help support his family.

Stacy received a heart transplant back in March of 2021 and has since been in recovery. Now with the tragic death of her late husband on Feb. 13, Stacy is doing everything she can to support herself and their 3 children.

“Ryan was an amazing person and I think everybody that met him knew that,” Rinehart said. “He was so stressed but he worked so hard to take care of everyone and us, and It’s just it’s so nice to see people can care and, you know, help out others.”

Ryan’s previous job at Security Benefit reached out to the family to offer their condolences and offer to pay insurance for Stacy and the children for the next year. Stacy started a GoFundMe on Feb. 22, and two days later she met her goal. The family is still needing help to pay for services for Ryan and continue to stay up to date on their monthly bills.

“Unfortunately, because of the newness of Ryan’s job and the considerable investment in the business leaves, there are no life insurance funds and scarce to no savings,” Stacy wrote on GoFundMe. “I am left to care for our three children – ages 7, 13 and 16 – on my current, hopefully temporary, disability income. As financial issues are being worked out, I would appreciate any support to help with immediate expenses as well as any costs for kids’ current needs as we rebuild our lives.”

If you would like to continue to support the family in their time of need, click here for their GoFundMe.