Could Washburn University have a new memorial by Veterans Day?

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TOPEKA (KSNT)- An optimistic Washburn University President told KSNT Tuesday morning that he would like to see a new Veterans Memorial on campus by Veterans Day.

Washburn announced on Monday that the university would like to have an all veterans memorial on campus at a cost of $140,000. President Jerry Farley said that he and his wife, Susan, are personally making a lead gift of $50,000 to match donations toward the project.

“Washburn has a long history of both military service and honoring those who served,” Farley said. “We are so proud of our veteran alumni. So when the subject of updating our veterans memorial came up, Susan and I wanted to make our personal contribution to ensuring they have a site and a memorial commensurate with their sacrifice.”

The new memorial will replace the existing one near Morgan Hall, at the southwest corner of 18th Street and College Avenue.

According to the university, Farley was a drill sergeant and drill sergeant instructor in the U.S. Army, and made this project a personal priority, and is asking alumni and friends of Washburn to join him in realizing the vision of an expanded and updated new veterans memorial.

Tuesday on KSNT Farley said that “Having something that reminds students of our history, something that reminds students of what others have done, vis-a-vis a memorial is something the school has wanted to do for some time.”

Farley said all sports will be a full capacity in the fall however, he encouraged spectators to wear a mask when in crowds of people they are not familiar with. Topeka currently has 72 new cases of coronavirus, with 76 currently hospitalized and 1,095 in isolation.

Washburn will hold a BOWTIE Fair Sept. 08 to encourage students to learn more about how they can “get involved with the community.

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