Couple searches for missing engagement ring days before their wedding

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A Topeka couple needs your help to find their missing engagement ring.

Alannah Mikkelson and Zach Webb are just days away from saying ‘I do’, but over the weekend, Alannah lost her engagement ring. 

Alannah and Zach are high school sweethearts. It’s been almost 8 years since they first met at Shawnee Heights High School.

“I don’t think we could’ve found a better match, really,” Webb said.  

Now they have three daughters. When it came to the proposal, Zach wanted to make it a family affair, so he asked their oldest to write a letter.

“It said, ‘Will you marry me?’ or ‘Will you marry daddy?’, and it was really sweet, it was perfect,” Mikkelson said.  

The letter wasn’t the only special touch. The ring not only had a personalized design but both of their birthstones. 

“He is a male and he doesn’t put a whole lot of attention into little details like that. But he tried really really hard, and he went and looked at all of these different rings. He said the second he saw this one he knew 100% that was it, he had to get it. He just saw us in it. So that was really special.” Mikkelson said.  

It was after a busy day of shopping around Topeka that Alannah realized she didn’t have the ring anymore.

“I was devastated. I have been tearing apart our house just in case I did something here,” Mikkelson said. “I called everywhere that I could.” 

It all happened just days before their wedding this Saturday. 

“It’s probably the worst timing ever honestly. We’ve searched everywhere,” Webb said.  

With or without the ring everyone is looking forward to the wedding. Especially their oldest daughter Natalli Webb. 

“It means that they’re locked together forever, umm I’m excited to eat cake!” Natalli Webb said.  

They’re still holding out hope. 

“I’m hoping that someone will just see this and realize what it’s like for something so special to be found. Then our day would be over the top perfect,” Mikkelson said.  

The couple said they did have ring insurance, but it doesn’t cover losing the ring. 

If you do find the ring, you can let us know here

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