TOPEKA (KSNT) – Day one of the I-70 viaduct construction has come to an end, with many getting a taste of what the route change will be like for the next three weeks.

27 News met with two local residents that live on the detour route to find out how the construction will impact their lives until Sept. 2.

“I love it over here,” Madison Street Apartments Resident Yvonne Adams said. “I never lived downtown before. I’ll be glad when everything goes back to normal.”

The Madison Street Apartments are right on the corner where KDOT is directing those looking to re-enter the highway turn left, to reach the 1st street re-entry point. Residents that spoke with 27 News say the area is a major walking point, and are worried about the bigger vehicles not slowing down.

“Predominantly a lot of people here do walk,” Madison Street Apartments Resident Mark Kauffman said. “They (traffic) try to make the light, or there’s elderly that are crossing over, wheelchairs and people aren’t slowing down.” 

Additionally, they’re also worried about what the long-term impact of having 18 wheelers, and other larger vehicles typically unseen in the area, will have on their street.

“It’s getting to be ridiculous,” Kauffman said. “I think it was this morning I made the comment about we got us a convoy here, there was about 6 semi’s back to back.”

Thankfully, the 5 o’clock traffic wasn’t as bad as residents were expecting. However, that doesn’t mean the congestion isn’t making an impact.

“I think it was around 2 o’clock, oh boy,” Adams said. “It was so many trucks out here, it was so much traffic I’ve never seen it like that.”

With day one in the books, residents are hopeful that drivers will continue prioritizing safety – for other vehicles and pedestrians alike.