Diaper Depot gives away 10,000 diapers every month

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The Diaper Depot in Topeka is supplying parents with free diapers. The program helps parents like TJ Hester, who has eight kids and a ninth one on the way. 

A couple of years ago she found herself in a tight spot where she couldn’t even afford diapers. Then someone told her about the Diaper Depot. Hester said the free diapers gave her peace of mind.

“Just a good feeling in your heart, that you know that there’s someone out there who cares,” Hester said.

Another mom tells a similar story. Single mom Cristina Madrid also struggled to buy diapers after her son was born.

“It was during a time where I had to either choose to buy shampoo for myself or buy diapers, so I would just always buy diapers instead of shampoo for myself,” she said. 

The Diaper Depot is run by two Topeka organizations, Junior League and Community Action. Michelle Allen from Community Action said diapers can cost parents about $70. While it might seem small, Allen said helping families with diapers goes a long way, “by just giving a little bit of an assist with such a big part of their expenses.”

There are 200 kids in the program, and the program gives 50 diapers to each kid every month. That adds up to 10,000 diaper donations every month.

The Diaper Depot receives the diapers from the National Diaper Bank and individual donations. If you would like to make a donation you take them to one of these three drop-off sites.

• Brandon Aldridge State Farm Agency (29th & Croco)
• Kirk & Cobb Realtors (29th & Gage)
• USD 501 Parents as Teachers.

 You can also help pack diapers in their warehouse if you’d like to volunteer your time. 

If you would like to sign up for the waiting list to receive diapers, you can call 785-235-9561.

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