TOPEKA (KSNT) — Inflation is driving up the price of food, which means buying ingredients for Thanksgiving dishes can start to add up. This holiday season, Dillon’s is trying to give its customers a break.

Corporate Affairs Manager Sheila Regehr said she knows how much inflation has impacted local families lately. This year, Dillon’s is running holiday deals that could score customers a Thanksgiving meal for under $50. Side dishes like cranberries, sweet potatoes, bread rolls and more can all be purchased at a low price. Dillon’s discounts also apply to arguably the most classic Thanksgiving staples.

“When it comes to Thanksgiving, customers will notice a great price on turkey,” Regehr said. “So even though we’ve seen about a 20 cent per pound increase in cost, we’ve elected not to pass that on to our customers. So, those shopping with us in Topeka right here will see turkeys on sale for 69 cents a pound with our Kroger brand turkey.”

Regeher said these deals are designed to help people get all of their Thanksgiving favorites on the table without breaking the bank. She knows costs can be prohibitive for many around the holidays, so she said Dillon’s wants to do its part in making sure all customers can celebrate comfortably.

Deals for a discounted Thanksgiving meal will last through the Thanksgiving holiday.