JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) — Concerns about the water quality in Junction City are on the rise. One resident posted a photo of an unusually dirty water filter on Facebook, asking for an explanation from the city’s water department. 

Lee Bliss, who has lived at his home in Junction City for 15 years, says the amount of debris and discolored water in his filter is unusual. He says it’s recommended to change the water filters in your home approximately every three months, but he had to replace his filter after just one week this time around.

Despite having a whole-home filtration system in place, this is a recurring issue for him. 
Junction City Public Works claims there’s nothing wrong with the city’s water. Bliss isn’t convinced. 

“This whole brown water thing continues, and it seems to be getting worse,” Bliss said. “And we’re getting no answers out of the leadership here in Junction City. To me, it’s a life, health, safety issue.” 

Bliss is largely concerned about the health and safety of his family, as well as other community members. He’s looking for answers because having clean drinking water is a necessity. 

However, a spokesman for Junction City says it’s hard to pinpoint the exact issue with Bliss’ filter. He said he isn’t aware of any recent, water-related problems in the area near Bliss’ home and assures the public the city’s water is safe to drink. 

“It is processed through the plant, goes through our filtration system, is treated with chlorine,” said Ray Ibarra, Director of Junction City Public Works. “And so therefore, when it gets back into our storage tanks and pumped into the system — it’s an all-sealed system — so there’s no way it’s possible that anything could go in there.” 

Even with the city’s secure system, water discoloration can happen, although it isn’t always a cause for concern. It’s sometimes caused by different levels of iron and manganese in water wells, or even from old water pipes. Junction City has advice for anyone else in the area who is experiencing discolored tap water. 

“They can call out here to public works,” Ibarra said. “We would go out there, find out where they’re at, go out there and flush the hydrant, get the water cleared out, and that should take care of the discoloration problem.” 

The Junction City Public Works office is open from 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. on weekdays, but is able to arrange emergency services after hours as needed.