SILVER LAKE, Kan, (KSNT) – Dian Workman’s 18-month-old red setter Lucy is blind after she was shot in the face.

Lucy got out earlier this month and a neighbor found her under his shed. The neighbor, John Stover, texted Workman to let her know the dog was on his property.

Workman left the house and was on her way when she heard a gunshot.

“He texted us that she was there and we heard a gunshot and then we found out that she was underneath the shed,” said Workman.

Stover said it was an accident and he just meant to scare the dog with a warning shot.

“I got down, took a little peek, seen he was on one side so I just thought I would shoot on the one side and [the] sound would scare him out of there,” said Stover. “So that’s what I did, but it must’ve moved to the other side.”

Workman took Lucy to the animal hospital where they removed one of her eyes and performed surgery on her face. The whole ordeal cost around $4,000 and Workman said they will have to remove Lucy’s other eye, which would be another $1,000.

Stover originally said he will not pay for the surgery, but is now reconsidering it. The case has been sent to the Shawnee County District Attorney’s Office.

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