TOPEKA (KSNT) – County officials have decided it’s best to keep your pups close when you’re out in public.

Thursday, Shawnee County Commissioners voted to pass a resolution to require all dogs to be on leashes at county parks. In an attempt to align with city ordinances, all county parks and outdoor spaces, except fenced-in dog parks, will now require dogs to be leashed up.

The resolution allows people and their pets to enjoy time outside while still respecting people’s boundaries. This resolution could take effect as early as next week.

“We always try to keep the park safe, as safe as we can for people, and this is just one more step to ensure that we do that,” Shawnee County Parks and Recreation Communication and Public Information Supervisor Mike McLaughlin said. “People are welcome to walk their dog on the trail as long as they have their leash. About the only people it probably will affect are people just used to bringing their dog out to the park and letting them run or toss a frisbee or something like that.”

For those who enjoy having their dogs off-leash, there are still dog parks in Shawnee County where they can run and play like Hill’s Park Park and the Lake Shawnee Campground.