Don’t exterminate bees, there’s a beekeeper that will come get them

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MERIDEN, Kan. (KSNT)- Spring means flowers are in full bloom, which also brings out some busy bees.

Honey bees are an important part of the environment in Northeast Kansas.

The bees make honey and pollinate foods, like fruits and vegetables, that people enjoy eating. This is why Kansas beekeepers are asking community members to call them if you need bees removed from your property, not an exterminator.

Beekeepers like to catch bees before they fly off.

One beekeeper out of Meriden, Becky Tipton, said she is open to phone calls from concerned community members. She also wants to remind the community that there are things we can do to protect the honey bees.

“The do need protection from pesticides,” Tipton said. “Pesticides are one of our biggest problems with honey bees. A real common garden product that I know a lot of people use in their home gardens is called ‘Seven.’ It’s terribly toxic to honey bees.”

The pesticides get carried back by the bee that is contaminated, and then it causes damage to the entire hive.

Honey bees are usually seen outdoors from April until the end of July.

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