DOUGLAS COUNTY (KSNT) – A new local prosecutor is coming out against stores selling Delta-8 products.

On Tuesday, Douglas County District Attorney Suzanne Valdez stated that the sale of Delta-8 in Kansas has been, and still is illegal. Any hemp sold with a THC potency over 0.3% calls for prosecution. While many CBD stores were upset with the decision, Valdez’s main reason was safety.

“This office does prosecute sale of any illegal drug,” Valdez said. “And when we do those prosecutions, we find that usually there’s illegal gun use, and there’s other sorts of physical violence that can ensue because of the drug trade.”

Other CBD stores pride themselves on staying within the legal THC limit, and believe some stores give them a bad reputation.

“When it comes to legalities, when it comes to consumer protection and making sure you’re getting the highest quality products available,” Brandon Zoeller of American Shaman said. “To me, there’s no replacement for doing the best of the best.”

The DA’s statement comes weeks after the police raided Guardian MMJ, a Topeka cannabis dispensary. Guardian MMJ has since moved to Lawrence, but agreed to comply with the DA’s office.