After a car accident nearly took his life, it hasn’t changed Drew Casper’s love for cars.

In fact, it’s been one of the driving forces behind his recovery.

Drew has a revving passion for cars, especially the fast ones.

“That’s what got me into cars was I always wanted my own Ferrari or Lamborghini,” said Casper.

He got in a car accident in April from which he suffered from a brain and spinal cord injury.

He’s been re-learning some basic skills since then.

In the months leading up to the accident, he had been working to help get the Midwest Dream Car Collection up and running in Manhattan.

“He’s a wonderful young man,” said Executive Director Lynn Gentine. “He’s had an incredible vision with the showroom and working with the staff and with the volunteers.”

Now, he’s determined to get back to doing what he loves.


“It helps me to keep going and I miss driving the cars, for sure,” said Casper.

The Manhattan community is just as eager to get him back behind the wheel.

“I’ve had tons of people say they want personal tours from Drew when he gets back,” said Drew’s dad David.

The accident was their worst nightmare as parents, but seeing him recover
and the thought of him returning to his coveted collection brings smiles to their faces.

“I’m really looking forward to getting Drew back to the car collection,” said David. “I know that’s where he wants to be and that’s where his heart and soul are. It’s going to be fantastic to see him walk in the doors there.”

The support from the community, his parents and the staff at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital has served as motivation and is what drew says keeps him going day after day.

“Since I showed up here, it’s changed the whole experience,” said Casper. “I think it’s pretty exciting and nice to know that I have people in my corner.”

Drew was honored by his inpatient team at Madonna with a Spirit Award.

It’s an award given to patients for their perseverance and positivity during their recovery.