TOPEKA (KSNT) – Two more competitors will be coming to The Pennant this weekend to take on the ‘El Gigante’ food eating challenge.

According to Teryl Studebaker with The Pennant, Randy Santel and Katina Dejarnett will be coming to Topeka with one goal in mind: to devour El Gigante. Both are well known for their large appetites and are big names in the competitive eating world.

Santel has visited Topeka before to partake in other food challenges. He became the first to finish the “Tankurrito” at Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant in 2012 and two over-the-top pizza challenges at Topeka Pizza in 2018 and Doughboyz Pizza in 2001. Santel has won 1,063 food challenges to date.

Dejarnett, whose small size may lead some to underestimate her abilities, got into the food challenges world after a big eating competition in a bodybuilding show in 2019. She has her own YouTube channel dedicated to her food challenge accomplishments called Katina Eats Kilos.

Dejarnett and Santel decided to pay a visit to the Pennant following some “smack-talk” over social media with Joel Hansen who recently became the first person to successfully defeat the El Gigante challenge twice in one sitting.

“After witnessing Joel’s impressive defeat, we’re not sure his time can be beat,” said Seth Wagoner, CEO of AIM Strategies, “but when two of the nation’s most popular food challengers asked to give it a try – we’re excited to see what Randy and Katina can do!”

The El Gigante is a larger version of The Pennant’s PB&J burger: including three-and-a-half pounds of Angus beef, a pound of black pepper bacon and a side of fries. The challenge is to consume all of the burger and the fries in 30 minutes or less.

“We’re excited to see if Randy and Katina beat Joel’s time,” said Todd Renner, General Manager at The Pennant. “These two have a cult following so we’re hoping they don’t let their fans down!”

All are welcome to watch the challenge take place live on Monday, May 23 at 5 p.m. at The Pennant located at 915 S. Kansas Ave. in Downtown Topeka.