TOPEKA (KSNT) – Many places can afford to close on Christmas Day, however, others can’t.

It’s essential for places like gas stations and delivery companies to remain open all year. This can impact holiday plans for those working on the Christmas Day.

“Usually, we make it a point to celebrate holidays during our home time,” truck driver river Mark Spencer said. “We’ve got the same home time, so we make it a point to do that.”

With so many businesses closed, the few that remain open on Christmas Day sometimes see a rise in customers.

“I just got here about an hour ago and it’s been mildly busy because we’re the only place open in town,” Love’s cashier Mya Coley said. “But it’s kind of slow as well. People just coming in to grab your average stuff.”

After Coley’s shift is over, she says she has one thing in mind.

“Definitely spending time with family and friends,” Coley said. “That is my biggest priority during Christmas time. It just feels different at Christmas, having your whole family together, having everyone join around the fire, drinking hot cocoa and stuff like that.”