Emporia family recalls memories of neighbors after morning fire

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EMPORIA, Kan. (KSNT) — An Emporia home is destroyed after catching fire twice, leaving two people inside dead.

Neighbors Sherry Hopper, Kamden Hopper and Tyler Smith, said they had a lot of good memories with the couple who lived in the home. They would get fresh vegetables from them and they were always willing to help. The neighbors said this is a devastating loss for them.

The Emporia Fire Department battled a fire that started at the house Thursday morning. When firefighters went inside to investigate, they found two people dead.

Sherry and her grandkids, who live across the street, said the news of this loss is hard for them because of how much their neighbor would do for them.

“Little devastating,” Sherry said. “They were very good people. And they were the only two that were ever over there. Just him and her. It kind of hits…hard when you lose a neighbor.”

Sherry said it was only a husband and wife living inside of the home. The man, would always come over and talk with them, even building a relationship with her grandkids, Kamden and Tyler.

“He was nice,” Tyler said. “He would come over and offer us stuff. And he was a really nice guy. And his wife was too.”

“Whenever we need our bikes aired up, he would air up our bike tires,” Kamden said. “And sometimes I’d help him and go over there and work in his yard sometimes.”

The names of the people inside of the house have not been released to the public yet, but they know they will be remembered as more than just neighbors.

“He will be missed,” Sherry said. “They will both be missed.”

Firefighters had to put out flames two different times because the fire re-kindled.

There was also another fire in Emporia Wednesday night. No one was hurt in that one.

Officials are urging people to always check their smoke detectors.

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