EMPORIA, Kan. (KSNT) — Veterans Day is acknowledged all across the country, but what some may not know is the founding city is right here in Kansas.

Veterans Day was first celebrated in the city of Emporia back in 1953. Since then, Americans all over have honored veterans with ceremonies each year.

A Veterans Day parade was held in Emporia to honor those who have served. One local veteran said he appreciates the support he receives from the Emporia community year after year.

“It’s a great feeling,” said K.C. Rider, a U.S. Navy veteran. “You know war is a terrible thing. Wish we didn’t have to have it but to protect our freedoms it’s necessary to do that.”

Community members of Emporia enjoy the parade and ceremony because they said it helps keep the history of the city alive. They have also found ways to get involved and be a part of the honorary events.

“Even though things are in a turmoil I still think we have the best country in the world,” said Judy Jones, a community member of Emporia. “I think most of that’s due to our veterans and our military. One of the things I’m involved in is the quilts of gratitude where we make quilts and hand them out to veterans.”

The ‘Quilts of Gratitude’ ceremony will take place Nov. 14. The group plans on passing out about 70 quilts. This is just another way the Emporia community is giving back to those who have served.