Healthier Lyon County is giving $5,000 to restaurants that are making changes to improve health.

As part of a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield, restaurants that show they offer healthier options for customers are eligible to receive money, but it’s not just for food options.

Some suggestions are offering discounts to customers who bike or walk, or even providing a bike rack outside the store.

The co-owner for Radius Brewing Company says the offer helps encourage his company to come up with healthier options.

“Well just in general we try to offer you know less processed foods than other establishments, healthier options, better options,” said Chad Swift. “When they said they wanted to promote that, we were all over it.”

Healthier Lyon County is still selecting restaurants to receive grant money if you would like to reach out.

You can reach out to Kalee Schultz by email at, or by phone at (785) 643-7429.